National Mission on Libraries                                           

National Mission on Libraries i.e High Level Committee, has been set up by Ministry of Culture, Government of India, vide notification no. 18-4/2009_lib (Pt) dated 4th May, 2012 in pursuance of National Knowledge Commission recommendations for sustained attention for development of Libraries and Information Science Sector.

National Mission on Libraries set up four working groups and after deliberating on the recommendations of the working groups formulated the scheme "National Mission on Libraries (NML) - upgradation of libraries  providing service to the public". The scheme consists of four components.

  • Creation of National Virtual Library of India (NVLI)
  • Setting up of NML Model Libraries,
  • Quantitative & Qualitative Survey of Libraries
  • Capacity Building

The purpose of National Virtual Library of India is to facilitate a comprehensive database on digital resources on information about India and on information generated in India, in an open access environment.

The setting up on NML Model Libraries would develop 6 Libraries under Ministry of Culture, 35 State Central Libraries and 35 District Libraries with particular emphasis on economically backward districts, as model Libraries. In addition, 629 district libraries across the states would be provided network connectivity.

The Quantitative & Qualitative Survey of Libraries would be undertaken to prepare a baseline data of libraries in India through a survey of 5000 Libraries.

The Capacity Building would be undertaken to enhance the professional competence of library personnel.