NML Model Libraries


  Under the constitution, "Library" is a State Subject. Among the sixteen States which have legislated on the subject, only eight have a reasonably good Public Library System and infrastructural facillties. According to the National Mission on libraries, its primary focus will be to improve Library System services and infrastructure of the states, which are lagging behind. In most of the public libraries in India there is a shortage of infrastructure, lack of modernization and networking facilities, lack of fund to acquire latest print and on-line resources. The ICT has given rise to the growth of more information and knowledge resources but these resources do not reach the public. While IT can be used for effective collection, storage and dissemination of information yet most of the public libraries are unable to make use of it. Hence there is a need to modernize the public libraries. Accordingly, National Mission on Libraries decided to develop 35 State Central Libraries, one District Library in each State and six libraries under Ministry of Culture as model libraries under NML in phase I. It is envisaged that the networking issue will be  resolved with the support of NKN and NIC.